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  • 5 Usability Mistakes You Shouldn't Make

    No web designer sets out to create a terrible user experience. And a terrible user experience usually isn't just one thing - it's dozens of tiny usability mistakes repeated all throughout the user interface that coalesce into one big, frustrating experience. Let's go over some usability mistakes that will frustrate your users.

  • 25 Websites with Beautiful Blurred Backgrounds

    Blurred backgrounds continue to be a trend in web design. We've showcased this trend in the past, but with new designs constantly being released there are plenty of new examples. In this post we'll take a look at 25 different websites that make excellent use of blurred photos as large backgrounds for the website.

  • 19 Inspiring Examples of Illustrated Elements in Web Design

    Illustrations are a great way to give a design personality. And it doesn't matter if your website is a portfolio, a service, or an event - well thought out and designed illustrated elements look good in any project. From simple and minimal illustrated details, to full illustrated backgrounds, there are a lot of options.

  • Free Resource: Text Brushes for Designers

    Designers sometime in search of few uncommon brushes to give a new look in their designs. Text or attractive fonts always not necessary for new look design. You have to think about something new. You can try with some text brushes which can give your design some power to attract your audience.

  • 20 Best Free HTML5 Website Template for Designers

    HTML5 templates are latest opportunity to have your own website. Today we share 20 Best Free HTML5 Website Template for Designers which are made with latest design trends and responsive HTML5 techniques. Try now. Related Posts:

  • 40+ Empathetic Charity and Non-Profit Organizations Website Design

    There are so many charities and non-profit organizations these days trying to raise money and awareness for their particular cause. Once upon a time, not having the resources to design and develop great websites, they had to make do with plain, simple and boring sites that could not capture the attention of new visitors.

  • Prioritizing Freelance Essential Tasks Effectively

    When working, you couldn't just jump in and start without proper planning. It is important that you know what to do in order to complete a project. Another thing, you need to learn how to prioritize essential tasks that would help you finish a project on time.

  • 35 Logos Designs that Make Use of Mascots

    When it comes to logo designs, there are plenty of different styles and approaches that can be used. Of course, the best approach will vary from one project and one business to the next. One approach for logo design is to include a mascot. The mascot could be an animal, a person, or even a robot.

  • 33 Supreme Mountain Logo Designs for Inspiration

    Mountains as we all know are the highest lands around the world. It is a symbol of strength and superiority. It is where the people want to be: at the top of the world. As we relate this to web design, mountains can be a good subject for logo designing.

  • 30 Beautiful Typekit Web Fonts to use in Design Projects

    The online webfont service Typekit by Adobe is a fantastic business model. Their premium accounts are very affordable in yearly billing cycles and you have access to over 700+ different fonts. These can be loaded directly into your CSS and used as a regular font-family value.