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  • 5 Usability Mistakes You Shouldn't Make

    No web designer sets out to create a terrible user experience. And a terrible user experience usually isn't just one thing - it's dozens of tiny usability mistakes repeated all throughout the user interface that coalesce into one big, frustrating experience. Let's go over some usability mistakes that will frustrate your users.

  • Prioritizing Freelance Essential Tasks Effectively

    When working, you couldn't just jump in and start without proper planning. It is important that you know what to do in order to complete a project. Another thing, you need to learn how to prioritize essential tasks that would help you finish a project on time.

  • A Showcase of Stunning Designer Workspaces

    The environment that you work in can have a huge impact on the quality of work that you do. Cluttered, messy and noisy environments can - for many people - prove to be a distraction, while the opposite is often true.

  • The Secret of Selling Banner Ads: When Less is More

    Minimalism can be viewed as a trend, akin to â

  • A 6-Step General Process for Producing a Website

    When it comes to building a website, it helps to have a process to follow, especially if you are just getting started as a web designer. Good guidelines can help you work better by keeping forgetfulness to a minimum.

    Every designer or company will develop unique components to their web design process over time, but the basics remain the same: learn, plan, d...

  • The Fine Line between Inspiration and Replication

    Art and designing is all about getting inspired by the element of universe and beautifully putting them in
    graphical representation. To be inspired by another designerâ

  • Freelancing: How to Deal with Long Working Hours

    Working long hours is in many cases a must for freelancers. In the beginning of starting up your own business as a freelancer/small business owner, you will always see that it takes more work than expected.

  • The Best iPad Apps for Creatives for $0.99 or Less

    The iPad truly is a great device for creative types, everything from photography to graphic design to writing, as well as just to help you keep organized.

  • Tracking Your Time: 5 Awesome Tools For Freelancers for Time Management

    Looking at the importance of time management, today we have collected 5 tools which can make your life easier be managing your time for you.

  • 40 Sites for Finding Web Design Jobs

    In the current economy there are a lot of designers and developers looking for work, whether it is full-time employment, contract work, or freelance opportunities. Fortunately, there are a number of great places to find these types of positions. In this post weâ