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  • 25 Exemplary Websites of Non-Profit Organizations

    For non-profit organizations having an effective web presence is important for a number of different reasons, including communicating with donors and volunteers, encouraging gifts and donations, explaining the mission and services of the organization, promoting events, and simply for providing basic information about the organization and reaching ne...

  • Web Design Trend Showcase: Big Video Headers

    Following on from my recent showcase of websites featuring full screen videos, today's post looks at the sub-trend of big video headers in web design. HTML5 and

  • 19 Examples of Minimalistic Web Designs

    Minimal websites, when properly designed, are always inspiring. It is always interesting to see how designers approach the minimalistic point of view to create websites that are simple yet effective. Today we gathered some examples of minimalistic web designs to inspire you and to reinforce that you don't need a lot of elements to deliver a con...

  • Large Background Images in Web Design: Tips and Examples

    Big background images are extremely trendy in modern web design. You will find dozens of creative examples around the web which illustrate this technique. Consider the idea for captivating landing pages, portfolios, as even company websites are using specialized full-screen background photos. In this article I want to put together ...

  • 16 Examples of Beautiful Services and Apps Websites

    It is surprising the amount of services and apps that don't really worry about their websites, about the way they show their product/idea to users. I browse around the web a lot, looking for inspiring websites to show here, and when it comes to services and apps, it's usually hard to find nice designs.

  • Web Design Showcase: Heavy Background Textures

    While the flat design trend is getting more and more popular not everyone is constructing their website designs with solid pastel colours. Textures are great for giving your designs a realistic tactile feeling and range from the use of subtle noise to full on material scans.

  • A Showcase of Creative Redesign Concepts

    It's always interesting to see another designer's take on a famous website, app or even physical product. Different designers add their own personality and style, and often when designing a concept come up with novel and interesting ideas. To help give your inspiration a boost, we've brought together a showcase of some of our favourit...

  • Website Designs based on Solid Single Colored Background

    Background has always been one of the most important features of website design. Being responsible both for body and content distinction, this core attribute gives enormous amount of possibilities. Background appears to us in various guises; it can be spectacular shot, amazing fictional image, artistic illustration, seamless textured/patterned canva...

  • 25 Examples of Excellent E-Commerce Web Design

    Today we are showcasing 25 e-commerce websites that can serve as excellent sources of design inspiration when you are working on your own e-commerce designs. The design and usability of an e-commerce site can have a huge impact on the profitability of the business, so great care should be given to getting the design just right.

  • 25 Websites with Beautiful Blurred Backgrounds

    Blurred backgrounds continue to be a trend in web design. We've showcased this trend in the past, but with new designs constantly being released there are plenty of new examples. In this post we'll take a look at 25 different websites that make excellent use of blurred photos as large backgrounds for the website.