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  • 8 jQuery Plugins for Spicing Up Your Forms

    Forms are certainly a very important part of a website. They should be intuitive, user friendly, and engaging. This is why we've gathered 8 jQuery Plugins that

  • 20 Awesome jQuery Sliders

    Image and content sliders are an extremely common element in modern web design. Coding your own slider from scratch is always an option, but if you\'re looking to save some time or if you're not sure how to code your own slider there are plenty of options. In some cases, working with an existing jQuery plugin will give you the chance to ob...

  • Display Delicious Bookmark Count on Your Web Page

    Use pure Javascript or jQuery plugin to display the count of Delicious bookmarks to show visitors how interesting your content is.

  • 20+ Uniquely Cool jQuery Plugins and Tutorials

    Here are 22 plugins that don't simply do the same thing, but do things differently, and are exciting rather than boring. Enjoy!

  • Show Time: 30 jQuery Calendar Date Picker Plugins

    Today we will be featuring calendar date pickers to let you output planners, calendars, most of these date pickers are built on jQuery.