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  • 25 Designers Show How iOS7 Should Have Looked

    Many of us were a little disappointed in the reveal of the new iOS7 user interface. The garish colour palette, the plain ugly icons and the questionable design decisions have resulted in designers expressing their frustration and sharing their own interpretations of the iOS interface via social websites such as Dribbble and Behance.

  • Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers - July 2013

    Ah yes, the regular monthly roundup is back. This round, we have another 10 different tools, apps and services to help designers and developers. In this set you will find a flipclock tool that can double as a countdown timer, a handy site that lets you grab the identity of ...

  • 30 Amazingly Creative Food Photo Manipulations

    Parents are well known for telling their children not to play with their food, and it is wise advice in real life. However, entering into the fantasy life of a digital artist, playing with images of food can create some amazingly stunning, beautiful or comedic results as shown in the 30 images featured in this showcase that includes some of the most...

  • 10 Presentation Tools To Win Over Your Audience

    If your work or studies need you to make presentations in front of an audience, a crowd or your peers, then you know the importance of having good, engaging and effective presentation content in your hands. Powerpoint may not be cutting it for most of us anymore, but fret not, ...

  • 35 Beautiful and Inspiring Package Designs

    The design of a products packaging can have a significant impact on how consumers view the product. Having skills for creating high quality package designs can help to make your own services more valuable to clients. For designers, creative package design can serve as an excellent source of design inspiration.

  • Website Designs based on Solid Single Colored Background

    Background has always been one of the most important features of website design. Being responsible both for body and content distinction, this core attribute gives enormous amount of possibilities. Background appears to us in various guises; it can be spectacular shot, amazing fictional image, artistic illustration, seamless textured/patterned canva...

  • 25 Examples of Excellent E-Commerce Web Design

    Today we are showcasing 25 e-commerce websites that can serve as excellent sources of design inspiration when you are working on your own e-commerce designs. The design and usability of an e-commerce site can have a huge impact on the profitability of the business, so great care should be given to getting the design just right.

  • Expanding Search Bar Deconstructed

    A tutorial on how to create a mobile-friendly and responsive expanding search bar.

  • 6 Steps to Writing and Selling Your E-book

    E-books are a good way to earn extra money. The great thing is, as a designer or developer, you'll also have your existing expertise and knowledge to look to in order to come up with a viable e-book topic, and many of the skills you already possess will make the e-book production process easier.

  • Create a Website Flat Design in Photoshop using Flat UI (Video Tutorial)

    As you already know, flat design has been quite popular in the recent period and we, here at Designmodo, have been doing everything we could to promote it, because we love it ourselves. Therefore we also have a video tutorial on how to create such as design in Photoshop and we hope you will learn [...]