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  • 45 Fresh Must See Photoshop Tutorials from 2012

    Today’s blog post is a great round up, which consists of high quality Photoshop tutorials. The roundup has a nice mixture of awesome photo manipulation techniques, as well as beautiful text effects. Whether you are a newbie of Photoshop or a vectran there’s a tutorial suited to you skill level. This blog post consists of [...]<...

  • Case Study into CSS3 Effects on Popular Websites

    Advertise here with BSAIt doesn\'t seem like the many CSS3 standards are so

  • Coding a Mobile Web List View in HTML5 & CSS3

    Using CSS3 media queries we can target a host of devices and browser settings. The mobile web has adjusted into a huge market where more people are accessing the Internet via phones and tablets. This trend is not slowing down, and in fact many web designers are jumping on board to see what all the [...]

  • 33 WordPress Responsive Themes for Business

    The business world has now invaded the net. What with the numerous prospective clients who are surfing through the net, no wonder many business have also turned to the web to promote, advertise and display their services and other provisions to gain more profit. Since innovation is fast and numerous gadgets have also been created [...]

  • 9 New Free Fonts for Your Designs

    Finding the perfect font for a project can be a real challenge, so there’s nothing better than having a huge amount of fonts readily available in your own library to count on. And it’s always good to have websites to count on when you need to look for fonts. That’s why today we gathered 9 [...]

  • 35 Navigation Menus for Your Design Inspiration

    Navigation menus are an important part of any web design for usability purposes, but they can also serve to improve the look and feel of the website. When designing navigation menus there are any number of different approaches that you can take, and in this post we'll show 35 examples of sites with attractive menus. These examples sites can ser...

  • 50 Amazing Free Icon Sets

    Every web designer loves to have high-quality icons at their disposal. While creating your own custom icons for your projects is an option, it’s rarely practical. There are plenty of quality icon sets available for purchase, but fortunately, there are also some free icon sets out there with professional quality. These free icons sets are [...

  • Creating Content that Sells

    Content is the most essential aspect on web, as it is for offline magazines and newspapers. It doesn’t matter what kind of website you own, it should carry content. Content is the difference between successful websites/magazines, and not so successful websites/magazines. Promotion and marketing of sites and magazines are equally important ...

  • 21 Fantastic Examples of Sliders in Web Design

    Sliders are an excellent way to organize and highlight important content on a site. They can also be used to display a good amount of content within a limited amount of screen real estate. The most popular way to add a slider or slideshow to a website is still jQuery, which seems to have a [...]

  • Adobe Creative Suite 6 Review: New Additions and Features

    Adobe released the new version of its Creative Suite toolkit, including Adobe Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, Dreamweaver CS6 and others. Besides the updates, Adobe released and improved a set of products such as Creative Cloud or packages of products such as CS6 Production Premium, CS6 Design Standard and CS6 Design & Web Premium. ...